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Visual Novels

77 Oleander Avenue

77 Oleander Avenue is a narrative driven Horror Mystery game that follows Tabby, a paranormal investigator who wakes up in an abandoned house with no memory of where she is or why she’s there. Through the course of the game you’ll learn more about the family that once occupied the home, the mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths, and ultimately decide what you believe about the haunting of 77 Oleander. Set in a small coastal city in southeastern North Carolina, the game explores deep-seated religious trauma, the nature of ghosts and demons, the way we create narratives of a person’s Death, and contemplates the prospect of flirting with a supernatural orb.

An imag eof

An Oath In Kind

An Oath in Kind is a Kinetic Novel about a dethroned demon queen and the one and only knight who remained loyal after her fall. When Claire finds her queen bleeding across the floor of a forest hollow, she swears to herself that she will fulfill her oath to see Galena to safety… even if Galena would have rather been left there in the mud. 

Desiderium: a fleeting refrain

Desiderium: a fleeting refrain is currently in development.

Adventure & Exploration

Become Dirt

Become Dirt features writing from Runa Liore Winters and represents the collaborative effort of an excellent and talented development team. A teaser version of the game is available now, serving as a brief preview of the game’s tone and content, and further developments are forthcoming. Originally developed as part of the 2022 TGD Spooky Jam.

Tabletop Games

The Zero System

A tabletop system core utilizing d12s to determine how close you land to your target, and who will suffer the consequences of a miss. Inspired by space operas, mecha anime, sci-fi horror, and battles among the stars.

Other Works

Say it in Red, a Podcast about Visual Novels

Co-hosts Sara and Runa cover a different Visual Novel each month, digging deep into its mechanics and story while lovingly pulling out its guts to appreciate the medium and its creators.