The Meridian Memorial Officer’s Preparatory Academy is leading the way in education, innovation, and the latest in scientific and tactical advancements. Whether you’re a skilled soldier looking to advance your career or a dedicated student searching for the best teachers, labs, and opportunities for your education, Meridian Memorial will help you meet your potential and flourish.

This is no ordinary study session: At Meridian Memorial, you’ll train alongside the keenest minds, the quickest pilots, and future leaders of the Empire. Our past alums include members of the Emperor’s personal guard, the Dragon Teeth; Astrally renowned physicists; Heroic pilots who saved our colonies and maybe even your life; and maybe, if you have the conviction to carve an arc through the stars, you could be the next name on this list.

Still in your Comprehensive School classes? Then you’re just in time to jumpstart your education and career – Join Meridian Memorial’s Advanced Admissions program, start taking courses and joining in training in your final year of Comps! We’re constantly looking for the best of the best, and our Advanced Admissions program is the perfect way to start forming connections and honing your skills. Apply today and stand side by side with the brightest and bravest young cadets, like Sakiko Gable.

“I want us all, myself included, to be their absolute best. Meridian Memorial is simply the only place that can make that happen.”

Sakiko Gable

After getting her provisional pilot trainee license at an early age, Sakiko quickly rose to the top of her class both in school and at her Junior Pilots Association. Already setting records and breaking them the next week, her tireless work ethic and steady hand earned her the respect of classmates and instructors alike. Then, two years ago, Tharian forces tore open the sky of the small colony Sakiko called home. With nothing more than a training suit and endless grit, she joined the advance guard and pushed the invaders back through the breach, holding off their attack long enough for the Siece fleet to arrive.

“It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing,” Sakiko told us when asked about the battle, “I did the best that I could and I’m only glad it was enough. I’m grateful that my training helped me succeed in that.”

As the class chair of Meridian Memorial’s first cohort of Advanced Admissions cadets, Sakiko is pushing her own talent and skill to their limits, and she wants YOU to join her!

“I want us all, myself included, to be their absolute best. Meridian Memorial is simply the only place that can make that happen.”

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