Desiderium: a fleeting refrain

Desiderium: a fleeting refrain is a school life simulation RPG in which you guide your character via selecting coursework, organizing her schedule, navigating social events, and preparing for pivotal battles that determine the outcome of her relationships and potentially her life. With dozens of special events, hundreds of possible paths to follow, and multiple romanceable characters, Desiderium offers something new to discover each time you play—thankfully. Surviving in the empire isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to catch the eye of its most talented rising star. 

Desiderium is currently in development, and you can find additional updates and development logs on its official store page.

Meridian Memorial Preparatory Academy

Find your Fleet and Thrive

Training up the Empire’s most talented cadets, to fend off the forces of the planet below and protect our colonies from the depths

Climb the Ranks

Train, Study, and Prepare for Battle

Dive into the Stars

Pilot your Spool Suit and defend the astrapelago

Pursue Romance

Find love, or find yourself alone on the battlefield